Nextcloud client error "503 Service Unavailible" (Win 10)


we are a german VFX film school using Nextcloud hosted at our university to sync our project share to remote artists using the client on Windows 10. It has been running more or less fine for two months but recently it starting getting an error that doesn’t seem to go away and prevents the client from syncing. Like the title, here are the images from the client. This 503 Service Unavailible is also frequently paired with the notification of “Operation cancelled”, which is just annoying but not game-breaking like the error.

This behaviour is only on the side of one client (my remote uni-workstation). At home it works fine.
Any ideas of how I can debug this? Restarting (client and machine) didn’t resolve it.

Thank you,

On a side note, I wish the client provided some sort of functionality to handle errors like ignoring or general settings of resolving with a certain preset, but maybe that has a too simplistic view of how the software should operate. Just been getting really annoyed with errors recently. :smiley:

Alright, we simply deleted the folder in question and now it seems not to be an issue anymore, still, any ideas as to why this happened? I think this also happened before too.