Nextcloud client does not working


i installed Nextcloud on my webspace. It works fine. Only when I try to connect to my cloud with the client I get an error: Access from the Server not allowed. (translated from german)

The login in the browser works perfekt.
I`m sure that I have the latest nextcloud server version and latest client version. I’m running php 7.
I tried also to connect with windows and Mac, I installed nextcloud on different webspace and I tried to connect via Mac Finder and connect to server. I got the same problem.

Thank you for you help!

(Sry for my bad English)

Looks like a problem in the webdav-backend. Can you directly connect via webdav (cyberduck, winscp)? Can you check the logfiles on the server?

Thank you for your reply.

I tried to connect via winscp. It doesn’t work too. So there is probably a problem with webdav.

It’s a bit older but this exhaustive list should contain most of the possible issues: