Nextcloud client does not upload any files after update to 15.0.5

Ever since I updated the server, no files are being uploaded anymore from my laptop (Ubuntu 18.10).
When I create a folder, it appears in the webinterface, but anything I put in the folder on my laptop is not uploaded.
What could be the problem here? The server is running on apache2. I got the “db:add-missing-indices” error (and the other one), both of which I fixed according to instructions.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Which client version are you using, the latest 2.5.1git? The latest clients seem to cause some trouble, according to several users (including me) in the client section. Some report better results with older appImages 2.3.3…

Does the client give any message or progress information. The client’s log would be helpful. you should find it here: /home/viktor/.local/share/Nextcloud/

Yes, I am using 2.5.1git. I will try the older one. Thanks for the pointer!

For some reason it seems to have started uploading now, after three hours or so. I will let it run its course for now before trying the older client.