nextcloud-Client: directoy synchronisation accessable for everybody


we are looking or a solution in our company. We are 100 employees and are using nextcloud. We now want that there is just one! list of synchronisations. So employees can add and remove synchronisations. I have now installed nextcloud-client on our server but people from outside cant access it. Is there a possibility too have a list of all “add directories to synchronisation”. Where does nextcloud safe the path to the directories which are supposed to be synchronised ?
Next problem are the admin rights. Not everybody should have adminrights but rather read and write rights.

Thank you in Advance.

I have found it on my own: nextcloud.cfg in the local directory (appdata). But the question is how to change it and share it whit other users ? so people can remove or add local directories and it will synchronize with our server ?

There is an older feature request to improve the deployment in companies:

Currently, you have to hack around it, e.g. install client and then replace manually the cfg-file. But I’m not sure if I fully understood what you want to do? One account for all employees that share data with customers?

It seems that they recommend/offer a branded cross-platform client instead of the MSI package:

For corporate environments ownCloud offers branding services that
generate customized clients with corporate design, fixed URL, etc for
Win, Mac and all flavours of Linux. Everything that gets implemented
based on the MSI installer is limited to the Win platform only.

It’s open source, so you can do it yourself. I never build my own client and can’t help you with that. When you buy enterprise support, the guys from Nextcloud can help you with that.