Nextcloud Client- Delete confirmation


Because WebDav does not work so well i have installed the Nextcloud client on a server and the sync folder shared with the network users. This works great until a user delets some files or folders. The client on the server aks if that was a misstake and i have to confirm that manually. Is there a way to turn this of?
(I know normally webdav should be used but that does not work that good)


Normally, you would install NC-client on the computers of all network users.

Sure, but there are Terminalservers with thin clients. No good idea to install 40 NC-clients on a TS…

I see.

I don’t know if this works for your setup, but you can disable notifications of NC-client (general > general settings).

Hi, i tried this, this option deactivates only the desktop notifications. :frowning:
thanks Hollerauer