NextCloud client crash after connecting to Owncloud

I just migrated my home server to Mageia 6 Linux (64 bit Intel). This distribution uses Nextcloud instead OwnCloud (like in Mageia 5).
Next I use in home desktop PC and laptop, Mageia 6 based both.
At work we have huge QNAP NAS with OwnCloud (64 bit Intel) with OwnCloud installed on it.
I have installed NextCloud client both on desktop and laptop.
I can sync data between desktop PC and home NextCloud and work OwnCloud using NextCloud client. But on laptop, NextCloud client crashes with error "Fatal error with Csync" (translation from my language). When I run client from console, it produces huge amount of errors.
File containing error listing is here ->
Any idea whats wrong?

Nextcloud version 12.0.0:
Operating system and version Mageia 6:
Apache or nginx version 2.4.25:

@rullzer can you help?
Consider posting this bug to

I just reinstall root partition of Mageia 6 from beginning (previously I upgraded Mageia 5 to Mageia 6 on-line) and now NextCloud client works perfectly. Topic closed