Nextcloud-client config files for synced folders


I am writing a script to automate the installation of my Linux Mint machine.
Installing nextcloud client via package manager works fine. Afterwards I restore the nextcloud config by copying my old nextcloud.cfg to it’s dedicated folder $HOME/.config/Nextcloud/

However the config file only includes the ip address of my nextcloud server but I am also looking for the config file which includes the folders being synced.
Could you please tell me where these settings are stored?


no one?

no offense but when I look at the answers given to any of the questions posted the last month there are plenty of non answered questions? Is this community dead?

I’d love to know the answer, I’ve done an install and everything is working fine, I’ve snyced a terrabyte locally over lan and although it took a long time, I can only see the folders with no contents!