Nextcloud client (3.3.6 on macos) repeatingly disconnects account

I have been using nextcloud for many years now, the server install is a docker based self hosted solution with nextcloud 22.2.0 behind a reverse proxy (nginx) with letsencrypt certificate.

On all my devices (IOS, windows, linux) the connection works fine but in the mac os client I need to re-authenticate each time I start the mac.

This started some time back with a client update on the mac. Unfortunately I do not know from which version on this started.

Any proposal how to resolve this?


I just noticed that I have dozens of devices connected if I look in the settings of my account on the web client. Looks like it has registered a new device for every of my new authentications.

Wondering is this conneted to some data privacy settings on my Mac?

Hey Wollet42

Did you ever find a solution to this problem.

I recently upgraded to Mojave and my Nextcloud Desktop Client is doing the exact same thing.

Any assistance would be appreciated.