Nextcloud-client-2.6.5 msi installed - then VCRuntime140_1.dll missing message poped up

I’ve build a nextcloud-client-2.6.5.msi file to easily deploy the software via Domain Controller GPO as i did for the 2.6.4 before.

Everything worked fine instead of the message that nextcloud-client 2.6.5 need a VCRuntime140_1.dll

As known - the vc_redist_x64 contains this dll and can be downloaded from here:

But why is this needed? And why isn’t it fully contained by the client.exe file?

In my case i need a second GPO Deployment that installed the missing vc_redist_x64 via network.
As mentioned - that procedure wasn’t necessary with the nextcloud-client-2.6.4.msi

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Has this been reported to GitHub already?

Ah thanks for linking this!

Might there be a difference between VCRuntime1.dll missing and VCRuntime140_1.dll?

Very close to my investigations about this it is true that i also have had the vc_redist installed before i upgraded to 2.6.5.
But it is also true that does not help if you have an older version of the vc_redist than 14.26

Very tricky!

Will the 2.6.7 BETA2 fixed this or is it ?

Do you have some kind of tutorial on how to do this?

I use MSI Wrapper

Using the Free Edition that is “branding” the msi files as …"build with UNREGISTERED MSI Wrapper … "but doesn’t affect the function and the use of Deployment via GPO.

Very nice to handle … :grinning:

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Is there a fix for this issue everything was working fine until this dumb upgrade

Yes, install again and check the box “integration with windows explorer”