Nextcloud Client 2.2.4 crashes if you hit next after server input

Hi Nextclouders,

I read about that there is a new client for MacOS:

I had the exakt same error with the cannot find status.php. So I downloaded the newest version Nextcloud_2.2.4.1.pkg and installed it. First it looks good the installation finishes without errors.
But the application crashes when I try to enter the server and hit the “Next” button.

OwnCloud App works fine so far without any problems.

System Info:
Nextcloud Server: 11.02
Server OS: Latest Raspbian
Web Server: NGINX
Nextcloud Client:
Local Operating System: macOS El Capitan (10.11.6)

Help appreciated :slight_smile:

Ahh never mind, I installed the prerelease 2.3.0 client from: and it works now.