NextCloud cli interface for downloading vcf files

I’m working on a phone assistant that answers incoming phone calls. when im busy,sleeping,unavailable. And it tells my status,redirects to phone or voicemail (or todo tells last location and cellphone status)

This system works with home assistant asterisk and some self made scripts. One of them returns the caller name and group from a phone number (as fast as possible Because it happens in side a voip call). Based on nextcloud vcf files. (the global one and groups)

Now i want to automate the downloading of the nextcloud vcf files. to update the callername script for asterisk.

I asked chatgtp and it said it was doable with a occ contacts command but that is not found. asking for the documentation of that feature resulted in a 404

it also came after some questions with a python script but that is not able to sign in because i cant find a way to get a Bearer token.

Is there any way to download vcf files in an automated matter?