Nextcloud cannot inntialize if a setup persitence enable on kubernetes

Hello i just install nextcloud in my private kubernetes cluster. If i install with no persistence, the software (pod) launch as well but anytime i tried to install it on a Persistent volume it just stuck at intializing and the pod never starts. With this i cannot persist data, config and others informations

Any help from here ?

So there’s not any support for kubernetes …

ummm… if you’re asking for “support” - i’m afraid you should address to nextcloud inc directly. or maybe to some other company offering support.

as this is the community driven forum you “only” so you might be lucky to find someone offering help here.
or you perhaps want to search the forum (note the :mag: in upper right corner of this screen) for a term like kubernetes and be surprised that there are some entries, already.

further on i’d like to recommend posting issues together with as much information you prolly could get about your installation… setup, environment, config, maybe even errors from some logfile. the more information you’d offer here the better chances are that someone would know a valid answer.

happy hacking

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