Nextcloud call to get All users

Sorry for another basic question, I have expanding my application for nextcloud but now I need to get the user list of the registered users in the nextcloud instance. I have checked but could not find a vue component for that.
There is a function


But I am not sure how to use it in vue. Is there any way I can import the user list to just show and adjust them according to my own settings ?

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Perhaps you can use “occ”. Or i do not understand your problem. Sorry.

user:list shows list of all registered users

If you read the source code of “occ” perhaps you find the solution :wink:

Thank you for the reply, I am checking it out but I am unable to show the list on my vue component. I am basically trying to show the userlist on my custom app on nextcloud so admin can assign a group or admin role to a user which is based on the custom app.

Is there any way to import the list over on the vue component of nextcloud. I checked the vue components for nextcloud but could not find one for user.

Than you for it, can you please guide me a little how I can use occ within the App.vue file so I can get all of the users list. Sorry I have tried with multiple ways even made a custom controller to check but it is just getting null value in return.

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