Nextcloud Calendar .ics actualisation delay is extremely long

Hello fellow nexters! (Is that a thing?)

I am new here, so quick Intro:
I am Normand From Canada, I use Nextcloud 20 in docker on my UnRAID based HTPC.
I don’t like long intros.

So, I love the calendar app and published the .ics version of my calendar to view it in my workplace’s O365 Calendar (I know, I know…)
It woks, but it can sometimes take up to 24 hours to update!

I lost track of how I did it, but I activated cron job updates for that instance, so it runs every 5 minutes (I like fresh data!). I have no idea what this cron.php file does in the end… Is there a limiting parameter that makes the ics version of the calendar update less often?

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Are you sure that the published Nextcloud calendar isn’t updated instantly? It might be possible that O365 doesn’t refresh the data more often. Have you double-checked the provided data it by downloading the csv data with e.g. curl?

Please check the paragraph “The difference between importing and subscribing to a calendar” on the following MS support article:

Thanks for the link… You spotted the issue right away! Dang it!
Do you know of a way to force Microsoft to update faster?

I’m personally not using that feature, but based on this thread you might influence the ics request interval by adjusting the general email refresh interval in O365:

Based on the previous article O365 uses the X-PUBLISHED-TTL parameter to automatically refresh a calendar resource. This parameter has already been added to a published Nextcloud calendar resource, based on the following issue ticket:

If you check-out the linked pull request you will see that the default value for refreshing a calendar resource is being set to “PT4H” (4 hours). It should also be possible to customize this value, by setting the parameter “defaultRefreshIntervalExportedCalendars” within the dav-app settings (I’ve personally never tested it) :wink: