Nextcloud Calendar & Contacts with SSO

Hi everybody,

I am currently trying to set up Nextcloud and have successfully integrated it with Keycloak using the OIDC login app.
However, I’m now trying to sync the calendar and contact apps but Nextcloud wants me to provide a password.
I tried to generate a password through Settings --> Security --> Devices & sessions, but that password is not accepted.

Is syncing the calendar and contacts app while also using SSO not supported, or is there another way?
Thanks in advance for any pointers in the right direction.

App passwords should indeed be working.

Thank you for your reply, as it turns out, the redirect from .well-known/caldav and carddav wasn’t working properly, although they did redirect when using a webbrowser.
Strangely enough also adding this redirection to my reverse proxy instead of relying on the redirection in the Nextcloud docker container .htaccess file resolved the issue.