Nextcloud Calendar App IE Workaround

I know, the Calendar-App don’t support IE and Edge, but is there a Workaround?
At work I can only use IE11, without Addons. And it’s not allowed to install or start any foreign software at the PC. And the mobile network is very bad and we don’t have Wifi, so I can’t use my private mobile to make new entries in the calendar.
Is there anything I can change at the server, so I can see and make entries in the nextcloud calendar?
Profil: Nextcloud 10.0.1

I don’t think there’s a workaround, but I think the Edge issue should be resolved since it was actually a bug. Are you sure it does not run on Edge?

I don’t know. I haven’t test it at Edge, because we only have IE11 at work.

@Crys ask your administrator then to install an alternative browser like Firefox or Chrome

I asked, but it’s not allowed. It’s a big company and they have strict rules.

Well, if your company wants to use the calendar then they need to give you a browser that supports it. If your company doesn’t use it you are probably using it for personal purposes which is always a bit risky. Stick with your mobile device if possible

Yes, it’s only for personal purposes. And the mobile network is very bad so I can’t use it with my mobile

We will officially add Edge 14+ support with Calendar 1.5, but it should already work with Calendar 1.4

AFAIK there is an (unofficial) portable version of Firefox.
You might want to use that.

At work, it’s not possible to run an Exe, which wasn’t installed by an admin.
And I don’t find a excellent reason, why the should install FF at my PC …

Some work-related website that does not work properly on IE11. Wait for the next major security vulnerability for IE11 that will take some time to be fixed and ask your admin what to use in the meantime.