NextCloud Bridge App Question

Hi all

I found this “Nextcloud Bridge App” on Fdroid a few days ago, and installed to see what it is about.

To me, it looks like it is the same as the main NC app.

Would someone be able to tell me what the intent of NC Bridge app is for?


Hi @Traffle,

never heard of this app and also couldn’t find it on f-droid. Could you provide a link to the app’s page on f-droid?

The app is in Play Store too.

Thanks for the link @MeiRos

Like I said, I wasn’t aware of this app and yet it basically covers a (very small) subset of the “main Nc Android client” but I welcome the choice if gives to the users while I personally would recommend going with the standard app since the feature set is much larger and I also couldn’t find any information if the app is OSS or not.

I think it’s mainly for customers who use the company’s(who build the app) cloud service. Haven’t installed it either.

Great thanks guys for the responses

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