Nextcloud breaking after Uploading

Hello guys,
we recently installed Nextcloud for our class and for private use of saving photos etc.
After the installation was sucessfull our joy didnt last long. If one users uploads data (with 10 Mbit/second upload) after about 5 minutes the server dies and has to be completely restartet.
Noted that the server has a 500/400 internet connection so thats cant be the trouble point.
When using Flowupload it just gets slower but stays usable…we dont want to have to tell every user to use flowupload…there has to be another way :frowning:

I hope you can help us :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Nico Schmiedbauer

Please share a bit more details. If the server crashed, logfiles would be helpful to know why. Regarding speed, there are certain things to optimize, use redis for file locking, database caching settings can improve the upload speed a lot. But that’s more general stuff…