NextCloud Box & Raspberry PI 3 Image


it must be a bad joke that a previous thread with same naming was automatically closed.
I bought the nextcloud box and a pi 3 in oktober 2016 because I read at nextcloud page that nextcloud box with pi 3 will be available in november 2016.
Now we have may 2017 and the thread dealing with this topic was closed.

what is the current status? can I install a stable nextcloud release at my nextcloud box with pi 3 now?

Did you miss the last comment on that closed post?

This is the latest available image, with an update on the situation to come soon.

hi jason,

no I did not miss the last comment because I was asking for a stable release of nextcloud box with pi3 and not a beta version to “play with”…

any updates on this or timeline when a stable release will be available?

The latest, as far as I can tell, is stated in that link above:

Other than that, @jospoortvliet @oparoz may comment.

We have received a final build, but we’re still waiting for it to trickle down to our download servers.

  1. your final build is what you declare as a stable release?
  2. where can I download the stable latest final build for pi 3 or can you post a message here when it is available?

regards and thanks and a nice weekend everybody

We will post about it as soon as it’s live.

Ok, I will watch this thread to get the notification about a stable release…thank you

no updates since 8.5.2017 about availability of stable pi 3 nextcloud box release?
I wait since 10/2016 now to use my pi 3 with nextcloud in a stable release…this is really frustrating…

Give NextcloudPi a try (

thanks jeffery, your link under the special nextcloud box pi 3 version?
2. and is the latest release mentioned in your link in stable status with promised auto updates?
I do not want to give some alpha or beta release a try and I will not play around because I have to store seriously data and this must be in a secure and stable way…

I did not create NextcloudPi, a fine gentlemen named NachoParker did. I just use it. I’ll try to answer your questions and hopefully Nacho will correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. No, I don’t think it’s needed either. As far as I understand, the Nextcloud Box is just a Raspberry Pi computer, in a Western Digital Case with a Western Digital PiDrive. This setup uses the Ubuntu Snappy Core OS and a Nextcloud Snap.

NextcloudPi is based on Raspbian Lite and has preinstalled Nextcloud. Upon boot, Nextcloud us up an running! There is a special config interface that has a lot of extra features that you can enable for Nextcloud if needed.

  1. NextcloudPi installs Nextcloud right now. As far as I know, that is the most recent Stable release. From what I’ve seen an researched, you can set this up to ONLY update to stable releases and bypass beta releases.

Some key points:

NextcloudPi is really just a preinstalled instance of NExtcloud, that is ready to run.

Nacho has added a number of extras to make it easy for a novice to install and configure Nextcloud. For example, he has:

automated the Lets Encrypt process so you do not have to run it manually
added the ability to support Port Forwarding on your router
added the ability to run a DNS (DNSMasq) server if needed
added the ability to install and configure Fail2Ban
added the ability to backup and restore your Nextcloud configuration

There are many more features, but those are the ones I remember now.

It’s pretty easy, give it a try. Read thought Nacho’s website ( and the github page (, I am sure that it will be WELL worth your time.

Thanks for listening.

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hello oparoz,

how far is the stable relase from you which was announced in oktober 2016 when I bought my nextcloud box and pi3 to use it with your upcoming stable version from you as the hardware provider?
now nearly 2 more month are gone since your last posting from 8th may…

regards and thanks

not much to add to @Jeffery_Frederick !

NCP features automatic security updates. In order to update Nextcloud itself, you can use the built in updater. It will tell you when there is an update available.

Final images have been available here for a while:

For Pi2:

For Pi3:

What’s missing is an announcement.

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Installed NextcloudPI yesterday… Easy install and works like a charm. I installed it on my NextCloud box as I was having trouble finding out how to upgrade NC11 to 12 and stumbled upon NextcloudPI. Highly recommended… Good work.

@deljones Thanks!

I do not own a NC box myself yet, so I was interested to get some feedback on that.

I am glad it went fine!

All feedback is welcome

Just a thought… Is there a way in nextcloudpi-config to add trusted domains or do I need to nano the nextcloud configuration file?

Many thanks


t: +44 7957140512



I’ve thought about it… but in the end I thought I could hide that complexity and make it automatic where possible.

for instance… noip, letsencrypt, dnsmasq… they all set entries in the trusted domains list

Anyhow… I’ll re-consider it, it is really easy to implement

for now… you have to edit it yourself

No worries… Quite happy and confident to do that myself…

Thanks again