Nextcloud Box OS images

Here are the images we can share with the public and that you can flash on a Nextcloud Box.




Images have been delayed until January

Flashing guide


Should we add them to and/or :thinking: @jospoortvliet

If it helps, this is what I’ve provided with my backup image:

Details on how to restore the dd *.bin file:


This image backup will format the attached PiDrive to a fresh install of Nextcloud. To maintain the version previously installed prior to the sdcard failing, follow the instructions on the below link, changing the target drive back to /dev/sda2

Username and password are the default:

u: ubuntu
p: ubuntu

Change this as soon as is convenient:

$ sudo adduser yournewusername
$ sudo adduser yournewusername sudo
(the second line gives the user account sudo privileges)

Log out and in with the new user

$ sudo passwd -l ubuntu

This will disable the default ubuntu user and all further logins would need to be done with the newly created user.


yeah would be good to provide links and info on the wiki, isn’t very technical so I don’t think it fits there.

Can i also suggest instructions on using app to write the img image to SD card as well… a bit more user friendly esp for novices/less linuxy folks


If you’re familiar with it, feel free to put something together and it may end up there :slight_smile:

It definitely will be added to the FAQ. I just haven’t found the time to write a decent guide.

I’ve posted a guide for Windows:

Feel free to add instructions for Linux and OSX.

For OSX you can use the app “Pi Filler 1.3” [for OS X 10.5 Leopard through 10.10 Yosemite]

download it at this website.

Works very easy.

Open the app, select the image file.
Insert SD and wait till it says its ready.