Nextcloud Box Issue 2: Android 7 auto upload always fails

When taking a picture or video with Samsung Galaxy S5 running LineageOS (Android 7), they will show up in the uploads list of the Nextcloud app, but you have to push them manually again after they failed the first time (which they always do).

I yesterday installed the newest app using F-Droid, but things are still the same.
I even have some large videos, which will not upload at all, they start and then abort with an error message.

Same time the problem does not exist on another Android 6.0 phone.

Can I help you with some information to resolve this?

Hi Oliver,

which version(s) of the app are you running? The best one at this moment would be 1.4.2 RC4 which is available via Google Play’s beta program: (need to register here). The app version hasn’t made its way to f-droid yet :frowning:

Android 6 depending on the version you are running uses a completely different implementation for the uploads logic as in “Instant Upoload” Vs. “Auto Upload” feature.

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Good morning Andy,
I followed your advice and installed the beta from the Play Store.
Now things got from bad to worse.
Now all uploads fail, same time it still works fine with my other Android 6.0 phone.

Is it possible to SSH into the Box and see what is going on when the phone tries to upload?

That I don’t know, for the Box probably @oparoz is the best to talk to. The beta channel on the Play Store doesn’t matter anymore since 1.4.2 has been released as a stable (so you would have the same version. As for the failed uploads I can’t really make a guess. Do you see any errors?