Nextcloud box: is it necessary to flash a new image?

My Nextcloud box was supplied with an image for the Pi2. I flashed the image for the Pi3 that was available at the time, dated 26 March (at and used this to install Ubuntu Core on my box. I see that there is now a new Pi3 image available, dated 19 April. Should I now flash this updated image to the card and reboot with it present, or will the box be automatically updating itself and therefore it is unnecessary to do this? I have searched but have not found any information on this.

Thank you.

If you’re happy with the system as is, leave it be.
The snaps will update automatically so you should be up to date.

Reflashing in most cases will cause the data drive to wipe unless you edit the config beforehand.

@JasonBayton Many thanks, that is what I presumed but I wanted to be sure! Will the Nextcloud snap update in due course of time to Nextcloud 12, therefore?
Many thanks!

It will in the future. The snap is a bit behind general release normally

Thank you!

@JasonBayton I am searching for the needed config edit to be taken as you mentioned, so ALL MY DATA won’t be wiped out! Unfortunately, I can’t find any hints for the current Ubuntu Core 16 images. Can you help me out with this?

All I want to accomplish is to switch form my current Raspberry 2 to a new Raspberry 3 without losing ALL MY DATA…

Not sure on the snappy core version I’m afraid. Maybe @oparoz can help