Nextcloud Box file size limit

I’m a little confused. I’m pretty sure the upload file size limit is 512MB as the documentation states that is the default and a couple videos I’ve taken just over that size aren’t uploading off my phone. If I login to my Box I can see the grayed out limit telling me I don’t have the permissions to change the limit. The grayed out number is 10GB. There is a note next to the box stating 2GB is the maximum possible setting. All very unclear, I’m not even sure if this applies only to the web app or also the android app. I don’t think the method to change the limit in the link earlier apply to the snap… I’d like to know if I can adjust the max file size using the current Nextcloud snap and if it even applies to the android client. Thanks.

Raspberry only comes with a 32-bit system where PHP is limited to 2GB. So the note that this is the maximum limit is correct (perhaps some day 64-bit images for RPi3 are available to overcome this limit).

That’s why you can forget Raspberry for the moment.

Rπ is just for syncing your mobile device and nothing more.


I wouldn’t be so harsh. Sure it is not suited to store large disk-images, films or anything with filesizes depassing 2GB. Also for many clients connected at the same time, you will see the hardware limitation. But there are still a couple of application, where you just want to share a couple of pictures or other files with a few users.

And 2GB is the default upload limit? If I wanted to change it can that be done (make it smaller if already at the 32bit limit)?