Nextcloud Box Federation - Server Sync


i got a little problem/project. I’m trying to “synchronize” my two Nextcloud Boxes with an Nextcloud server in an datacenter.

One of the Nextcloud Boxes will be placed at home and one in my office/at work. I already setup the boxes completly at home, i’m using a Raspberry PI3 with a static IPv4. Now my problem, the boxes are full acessable at home in my local network but not from outside of the network (tested with my smartphone).

I tried to use the Federation feature but i only works in one direction, i can share files from my local Nextcloud server to the datacenter Nextcloud server but not back to the local Nextcloud Box.

I always get this message"Sharing Myfile failed. could not find maybe the server is currently unreachable or uses a self-signed certificate." (I changed the Federated-Cloud-ID because i don’t want to make it public.)

I don’t want to use a Domain, only my static IP of my Nextcloud Box and i m also using no certificate. I also opened the ports 80 and 433.

Sorry for my bad english.
I hope somebody can help me. :slight_smile:


Hi Dominik, i would suggest to sync all Nextcloud instanes with Nextcloud CMD:
Find an example here:

Cheers, Carsten

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