Nextcloud Box + External HDD power questions

I have a Nextcloud Box that has the provided 1TB hard drive attached. I was wondering if with all the provided hardware, if there will also be enough juice to power an external HDD (like a WD passport or seagate backup drive) so I can do local backups. Or if I will have to do some sort of extra power via a hub of some sorts

i am not sure but i remember that i once was reading something about certain issues that NC 12 had with being powered by nextcloudbox-powerconnector. somehow it was a close one getting it running using this connector.
while as for me it’s working without any troubles i had some problems using a different one.

so i’d like to say -

do some sort of extra power via a hub of some sorts

Generally best to plug in the powered drives, rather than suck power from the Pi.

Pretty much what I figured, but just wanted to see what the community also thought/has done. Since I don’t have anything for that, I just went the slow route and am doing this over the network