Nextcloud Box - cron.php location?

The disk in my Box never spins down and after some searching I thought I would try increasing the frequency of the cron jobs from 15 mins to say 2 hours (a complete suck it and see guess!)

However, I can’t find cron.php

can anyone tell me where it should be? (full path please)

Also, any comments on how to let disk spin down would be very welcome.



Or perhaps just explain to me how to find files usingfind . -iname "cron.*" | less with out all the Permission Denied returns I get, even when using sudo or sudo -s ?

I had the same problem finding config.php

You’ll find the data/application locations in the snap’s here:

    Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Redis logs
    Keys and certificates
    MySQL database
    Redis database
    Nextcloud config
    Any Nextcloud apps installed by the user

    Nextcloud data
    Nextcloud logs

The cronjob (for the update of the snap) is located here: /etc/cron.d/auto-snapd-update :wink:

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Thanks for that info Marius