Nextcloud Box connected to screen - what should I see at bootup?

I have a Nextcloud Box, running Nextcloud 11.0.3 (stable) on a Raspberry Pi 2B (Q1 2015), to which I can connect with SSH and log into using a browser. I installed the OS and software from the 4Gb micro SD card supplied with the Box.

With the Box connected to an HDMI monitor, I’m surprised to find that I see no scrolling text during bootup and no command line when bootup is finished. Is that the correct situation? I just have “HDMI 2 Recorder 1(raspberry)” at the top of the screen to tell me that the Box is connected to the monitor.

I wasn’t expecting a GUI. I was expecting a command line.

If you don’t get to interact with the Box other than via SSH or a web browser, I’m puzzled why the setup diagram (reached by scrolling down shows the possibility of connecting a game controller and a wireless keyboard dongle to the Box’s USB sockets.