Nextcloud box -- Change SSL-Port

Hi, I bought a Nextcloud Box and its running. Now I want to intall the Letsencryt certificate. Before I want to change the SSL-Port form 443 to 4433 because I’m running another Nextcloud installation on another raspberry. How can I change the port?

Thank you!

@oparoz can you help?

I suppose it runs under a different local ip, so you should be able to keep the 443 port on the raspberry, you only need to change the port-forwarding at your router:

Inconvenience: ports of your setup inside/outside your local network are different.

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What tflidd said is correct.

That isn’t a great solution for routers that can’t differentiate the internal/external ports though.

Is this bit R/O in the snap?

Yes, since the snap targets beginners, most of the configs are ro until it’s possible to manage specific items via snapd.
Having rw configs means having to keep track of all snap releases, which is too much hassle for most users.

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