Nextcloud beta app (f-droid) autoupload error

Hey guys,

First of all, you are doing an amazing work.

Few mins ago I made a fresh install of Nextcloud beta app from f-droid. Testing how it is working, the app showed me an error message when it tried to upload a photo (just the first time, it works flawlessly right now). The error is this one:

My device:

OnePlus 2 - using Exodus ROM (last build).
Using Xposed

Just for your information. Feel free to ask me for something if you need :slight_smile:


Hi @p33ps,

hard to tell, since it just didn’t work on the very first upload. The screenshot shows that the Operating Systems isn’t happy about the notification we triggered, which also gets triggered for any later upload. So it should either “crash” all the time (which might then be related to the ROM) or never. 0_o
So I’d say, let’s see if this comes back and if there is something we can do about it or if the ROM needs a fix :wink:


Hi Andy,

It’s working for the moment. Maybe it was a one-off crash and it won’t happen anymore :smile:.

I am using “N-ify” xposed module which modifies the notification style from Marshmallow to Nougat so maybe it makes a conflict.


Hi @p33ps, yeah that might then be the issue here. So let’s see :slight_smile: