Nextcloud bei IONOS error? Client setting?


I just have a Nextcloud Server from IONOS and it keeps failing uploading bigger files. The Error is: 502 Bad Gateway and Error while uploading to S3 bucket

IONOS Support said I have to set the chunksize in the Nextcloud.cfg. Now it got better and error 502 happen less. I added this to the config chunkSize=100000
Can someone tell me what I have to add to fix this?

Here you have a list of options that you can change in the client configuration:

You have a chunksize of 100 kB that is not very large, you risk to have too many too small files. I am not sure about the gateway error, if there is a timeout, then you might adjust the chunk size to you upload speed.

If not, ask their support, they should know best what works good with their servers.