NextCloud behind traefik (Nextcloud keeps pushing http, not https)

Dear all,

I have been running NextCloud behind the Traefic proxy for some days now. I ran into a lot of issues. I think they all are related to Nextcloud not understanding it is behind a proxy and thus serving over https.

First off all I had issues granting sync clients access, eventually I needed to temporarily set security.csp.enable to False in Firefox ( Also, before I got Traefik to just always redirect to https, my install kept pushing me to http connections (i.e. I’d clicks apps and it goes to the http version of the site). And now I see that Nextcloud advertises my site without the https in “Settings” “Mobile and Desktops”.

Is there any way to make Nextcloud aware that it is behind a proxy that does use https so that things will “just work”?

Btw, I’m using the nextcloud docker image (it talks to the standard mariadb docker container).

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Check the settings here, in particular overwriteprotocol.