Nextcloud behind pfsense with squidreverse proxy

Hi Nextclouders,

i’ve setup my own nextcloud in my lab : great product
now when i want to access nextcloud from outside i’ve got 2 options

with nat from my isp box
i can redirect for example port 2666 to my nextcloud ip ,
with configuring trusted domain : ok works !!

2nd option is a bit more complex.
from my domain registar, i create : zone with redirection to my isp box
from my isp box i redirect all port 80 to my pfsense
on my pfsense with Squid revers proxy option, i can redirect all traffic coming with to the nextcloud ip.

And there is some strange issue…
when trying to acces , i need to refresh 1 or 2 time my browser to see the loging page.
after that i need to refresh several time browser to see something… but no document icon, no logo etc…
try with different browser and differrent hardware.

all of my other system behind pfsense are working well and can be accessed from outside without any problem…

i saw some information on nextcloud documentation regarding reverse proxy, but not sure it applies here …

any ideas?



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Hi JB,

Are you still experiencing this behaviour?

Have you found a work around or has the problem simply gone away?

Best regards,


Hi Rick, JB,

Have you found a solution or a track for this problem ?