Nextcloud behind authelia : Works well on web browser but not in android app


Glad to write my first post here :slight_smile:

I have Nextcloud behind traefik and authelia (all in docker)

I don’t want to use the 2fa within nextcloud but authelia with traefik (not authelia with oidc)

Everything is already working like a charm with a web browser

I type the url of my nextcloud instance (cloud.mydomain.tld), I am then redirected to authelia and once succesfully logged on authelia, I am then redirected to my nextcloud page

I am super happy with that

The problem comes when using the nextcloud android app
Because when I try to connect, nextcloud doesn’t show me the authelia screen

(app like OnlyOffice works great, showing me the authelia prompt directly in app)

Is there somerthing I can do ?

Thank you for help

I think you are talking about traefik forward auth? I have no glue if there are any drawbacks with it.

In my setup I’m running traefik, Nextcloud and Keycloak with OpenID and mobile apps work perfect. I think OpenID is the better choice for SSO integration. Forward auth is intended be a fallback if the application doesn’t support real SSO mechanics e.g. there is no chance to sign out from the application.

Haven’t tried it on my own by now, but it seems that it is possible that Authelia acts as an OpenID Connect 1.0 Provider.