Nextcloud backup app not deleting backups

Hi, I’m using nextcloud 25.0.3 on TrueNAS with the onboard plugin. I have configured the backup app from the appstore to run backups and copy them to an external folder. The folder is now running out of space, because the backup app doesn’t delete any old backups even though I have set it to keep only one backup.

My configuration:

The error sign next to the restoration points state "(cannot confirm integrity) "

  1. Can I manually delete them? If so, how?
  2. Can I trigger manually the auto-cleanup?
  3. If nothing else works, how can I safely remove the backup plugin without causing issues? I already do a backup via TrueNAS, so this is just a second level backup.

Thank you in advance

  1. How to completely and safely remove the Backup App · Issue #309 · nextcloud/backup · GitHub