Nextcloud at server in my home

Because VPS’s are not cheap, I think it will be a good idea to build NextCloud onto a server in my home.
What are the issues to think about? Do or don’t?
My NextCloud-installation don’t give any error in the admin section.


You’ll need to have a dynamic DNS service normally, port 80/443 configurable on your router, and a stable connection.

that is if you do not have a static IP.

I don’t have a static IP but instead of using a DDNS servcie I created my own.
I run my DNS using cloudflare. My home server is updating the public IP periodically (cron) using this:

Probably not the best ever code written in PHP, but it does the trick. And I am no programmer…

My little server is an upboard (amd64 /x86_64) with webmin/virtualmin to easily accomodate several vhosts.
This also supports LetsEncrypt.
For Cloudflare you do need an (free) account. Cloudflare does not require you to be a Nobel prize winner to be able to manage it :wink: .
Webmin/Virtualmin does require a little more basic knowledge on web and networking… but still easier than command line in a console. Though it comes in very handy if you do know some. As you need it to install it in the first place… :slight_smile:
Fun thing about webmin/virtuamin… using console sometimes doesn’t bite… webmin/virtualin keeps track of what you did command line.

Hey Guido!

I got a Nextcloud up and running on my Homeserver with a DDNS domain.
There are no big problems setting it up and if you got a good upstream i think youll be happy :slight_smile:

But if you want to save some important data on it you should have a good backup-strategy. A year ago my HDD crashed and all my data was lost…

I got my Domain from They offer a DDNS service that is easy to configure. If your router supports DDNS it is super easy to set up!

You can send me a private message if you have any questions :wink:


please have a look here:

you will find many more how to‘s at, please do not hesitate to send me a mail.
servus, carsten