Nextcloud as mediaserver?

What about to integrate a media streamingserver in nextcloud like plex? Maybe via an addon?


Maybe as app to install when needed.

I would find it very praktical to have a streming server in Nextcloud.

I agree this would be nice. Right now i’m running plex and nextcloud simultaneously.

Or Kodi integration would be nice too.

I think the in browser video is already pretty good but of course there can always be improvements to the way browsing media files is done.

I’m a professional UX designer and if there was interest from a dev wanting to work on this, I’d be willing to contribute wireframes and mockups.

You can try out Streama. Fully open source, Netflix-clone

Part of me thinks this would have too much scope creep. There’s so much functionality in Plex that cannot exist in Nextcloud and should not exist, not just the fact that you can stream videos. In reality, any media that you want between the two should be on some sort of external samba storage that Nextcloud can read/write to and let Plex read it. Or even if you can mount webdav for Plex

You can mount your webdav storage into Kodi. See instructions here.

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There is a Kodi plugin to support Nextcloud, but it probably needs some work:


Thanks, I’ll check this and the webdave kodi stuff out :slight_smile:

Hello, I really like this topic.
Just to be sure to have the same understanding : let’s say I have many movies (self-movies, or legal movies) in my Nextcloud server.
I would like to use Kodi or Streamia and centralize Thumbnails/Previews on the server ONLY, thus I don’t need to scrap from each device I use to watch videos.

Is that possible ? If yes, how ? (because, ownCloud-for-KODI says they don’t have picture working (are they talking about thumbnails ?), which makes it useless to me).

Thank you very much.

I would also like to know this.

You can use a mysql database in conjunction with kodi to create an external libary that will sync your library and watched status and thumbnails and library art to any kodi instance on any device.

It requires setting using a mysql server on the same machine and a simple configuration file for kodi


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