Nextcloud as handler of mailto links

Hi - I’ve been hitting a brick wall on this - cannot find out how to set nextcloud as my default mail app for mailto links.

On my kubuntu machine, Firefox will open Thunderbird. In Firefox -> about:preferences -> Applications, I have set mailto to ‘Use Nextcloud Mail’ … but it always reverts to ‘Always Ask’, and when I click on a link, it opens Thunderbird.

In Chromium, I open chrome://settings/handlers. There is a switch ‘Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended)’ that is enabled. When I click on a link, it opens Thunderbird.

In KDE -> System Settings -> Applications -> Mail to I have ‘chromium-browser --app=’

Kde defaults to Thunderbird. I’d delete thunderbird and firefox but another user on the machine needs it.

Does anyone have any idea how I can change one, two or three of these to use Nextcloud as the default mail client?




Don’t know if that question ever got an answer …

After discussing this with colleagues, we understand it’s a difficult matter: some people use webmails, some other mail clients, most do not want to use the Nextcloud mail app for all their emails … however, we were wondering if there is a way to at least have the Nextcloud mailto links open in the Nextcloud mail app ?

Like when you are using the “users” drop-down menu (top right), each user is presented with 2 icons, one for “talk” (and it does go to the Talk app) and one with a small envelope for mail … this one goes to the default and system-wide mailto handler, any way to have this use the Nextcloud mail app ?



there is currently no difference between a mailto link on a Nextcloud page vs one on any other page. So there is no way to have a special handling for those.


Yeah thanks, that was my guess about mlailto’s.

But I was also wondering about replacing these mailtos by specific links to the Mail app new message screen (of course with the address properly added to the “to” field) … :slight_smile: That would be a nice option, especially for organizations like NGO’s: usually users are not paid and participating on their own free time, usually they prefer not to mix their personal and pro mails with that specific activity, so I was thinking that it would be nice to keep them inside Nextcloud … the NGO is providing them with a nextcloud including files, talk and mail, no need to open anything else :slight_smile:


Feel free to open a feature request about this at but I’m afraid we won’t have time to work on such a feature anytime soon as it’s still quite a niche topic. For most people it would be sufficient to just add Nextcloud Mail as mailto handler in general and then just pick the client you want individually.


Ok I will open a feature request :slight_smile:

You mention adding Nextcloud Mail as a mailto handler … but how do you do that ? because here on MacOS, mailto handlers are applications, although I see that Gmail and Yahoo mail are there but I have no idea on how to create a similar app being an http url and not a real app … I tried creating an alias but cannot select it as a mailto handler … (this on Firefox MacOS)
I also tried editing the Yahoo/Gmail “apps” to give them the nextcloud url …


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There is a button in the setting of Mail on the bottom left.

Ok thanks, I see !

Thank you, it works very well :wink:
It could be useful to open Mail in a new tab.
I hope that option will be added to Rainloop too soon

For mailto links? Just use Ctrl+Click?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell us with the Rainloop note.