Nextcloud as external file chooser

I would like to pick a in Nextcloud stored file from an external web application. So for example you click “Choose file from Nextcloud” in BigBlueButton, Nextcloud opens as file chooser and you can select a file which is transferred back to BigBlueButton. Does someone know if such function was already implemented/used? If not, does someone know if there is a open specification for such a thing?

Of course I could use webdav for this, but in such a case the external application would have read access to all my files, which I do not want :smiling_face:

My proposal would be to have a page which lists all files from the user (similar to a public share of the root folder) where you can pass a response url as parameter (e.g. /apps/picker?url=https://...). If you select a file, a request (with maybe a direct link, or even the whole file) is send back to the provided url.

Did you check what App BigBlueButton Integration does?

There is this: GitHub - eneiluj/nextcloud-webdav-filepicker: đź“‚ File picker to interact with Nextcloud files which might fits your usecase. Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

@gas85 BBB was meant as example for such an use case. The BBB integration does not provide such functionality. At least I do not know it and I should, since I’m the main developer :smiley:

@szaimen looks like a great app, but you still have to provide your credentials to a foreign site (even if it’s a web component).

Anyway thanks for your responses. Really appreciate your commitment :clap:

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You can use files in Nextcloud like CDN.
But i think this is only for few files and does not really solve your problem.
Look app Sharing Path.

Also Share Renamer is back (Nextcloud 22 and Nextcloud 23).
This also does not solve your problem.

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