nextCloud as a secure productivity platform


there already might be a similar thread, but I did look for it.

People are asking to implement an online-editing function for *.ods, *.odt and the like.

I think this is crucial (and you’ll achieve it soon) but want to widen the view.
Right now I’m using an ownCloud server along with a Maya from Protonet in order to manage the severel projects (non-IT) I’m involved in.

It would be perfect if nextcloud would offer certain featuers (sharec calender, apps, contacts, documents etc.) in the future. I think in this scenario lies a lot of potential, e.g. to boost other projects due to the enhanced functionality and make nextcloud a versatile tool.

Well, just y thought of mine. I hope yo share my principle ideas.


Did you take a look at collabora?

Yeah, it’s nice!

But there are several more features, a producitivity platform should offer… and IMHO nextcloud could offer them. :wink:

All this is already possible or did i misunderstand something?
Okay you can not share nextcloud apps directly so far, but everyone can access the same app store so…


the “etc.” includes tasks and tasks management as a group. I haven’t found anything reliable yet.

Is there?

I think you’ll benefit from listing your exact requirements, and the community will be in a better position to help rather than guessing what you maybe-kindof mean :slight_smile:

The Tasks app should give you that possibilities. I am the only user on my nextcloud instance so I can’t test it, but as app description says you can share tasks with other users and therefore I guess everybody can add subtasks, change progress and add text there.

Just check out the available apps on the store. Not everything is enabled by default/integrated into nextcloud core to keep it clean and modular. But as far as I can think all features for working together on projects are available, especially if everybody has a nextcloud user, but also via CalDAV and link sharing for external users.

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