NextCloud as a frontend for internal sites


New to nextcloud, and I stumbled across it when trying ot get a better solutionto a dockerised webdav server and permissions issues. Thankfully Nextcloud didnt’ have the same issues.

I currently have external access to another site and could probably happily expose nextcloud as well (I use caddy as a front end for all ssl certificates and reverse proxying). But It looked like Nextcloud had a very good security model that I thought might be nice to have as a frontend…and use it as access control.

So the point of the question is, can I expose Nextcloud to the internet…and after authentication, access an internal site as if I’m on my own network? I currently do this with other sites, but via ssh tunnels…I’d like the model of a single gateway (NextCloud), that can then authenticate me and allow access for authenticated users to internal sites.

Is this possible?



It sounds like what you need is a VPN. Have a look at OpenVPN Access Server or pfSense if your current firewall doesn’t have good VPN support.

If you do not want a real vpn you can search for “ssl vpn” and “web proxy” e.g.

I have a vpn, thats easy for me to use on ipad/iphone. It’s my work computer where that gets difficult, or yes, I’d be quite happy to use a vpn.

I use the ssh tunnel and have a socks proxy…but the main app I want to sync via webdav is a keepass db, which doesn’t seem to support a socks proxy. And yes I’ve tried webkeepass, but that doesn’t have a site fill in I can get from keepass desktop

You can perhaps sync with webDAV to a subdir of your nextcloud (without VPN).