Nextcloud Appliance, editor?


I have installed the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance on my RPi3 Nextcloud Box.
Its Ubuntu Core with Nextcloud Snap, at least at my basic level of understanding :slight_smile:

I usually use nano to edit files, but sudo snap install nano on my system returns:
error: snap "nano" requires classic confinement which is only available on classic systems

Vi is installed already, but I just cant get on with it - at all. I am sure that if you are clever enough and use an editor enough it is great, but not for me thanks.

Vim looks a bit more user friendly in insert mode but sudo snap install vim-editor returns:
error: snap "vim-editor" is not available on this architecture (arm64) but exists on other architectures (amd64).

How can I install nano, or something similar, please?
Or am I stuck with Vi?



This is more of an Ubuntu Core question, I suggest posting over at .

Thanks @kyrofa ,

I posted on the snapcraft forum and they kindly gave me the answer:

  1. Install the nano-strict snap:
    sudo snap install nano-strict

  2. Since, the home interface is not auto-connected, connect it with:
    sudo snap connect nano-strict:home

You can only edit files in your home directory with this strict snap apparently (Iā€™m not aware if there are other specific places too), so I copied the files to my home directory, edited, then copied back.

Edit: Apparently, the places in which the strict snap version of nano can edit files are:

usually only the ~/snap/<snapname>/current and ~/snap/<snapname>/common dirs (and their root owned equivalent in /var/snap/).

if the home interface is connected all non-hidden files in $HOME (i.e. nothing that starts with a dot)

if the removable-media interface is connected also files under /media and /mnt