Nextcloud App Problem

can it be that the Android app has a problem with ipv6 networks?
my domain is running on ipv6 network, via browser is nextcloud reachable but not via app, is the problem known?

Hi @unitymedia,

you could raise an issue here:
In general the app can handle ipv6 while some people had issues with their ipv6 configurations themselves and the Andrid client is rather picky when it comes to ip configurations, so it is likely an ipv6 config issue rather then a client issue.

About browser it goes, yes, about foldersync app’s synonymous yes, to info the domain was certified as ipv6, it plays a role?

don’t really know, maybe @mario @tobiasKaminsky do?

I do not quite understand now

I meant that I am not an expert on the ipv6 matter but @tobiasKaminsky or @mario might be able to answer your question

Unfortunately, none of the two

Try the owncloud app IT works fine with Nextcloud

it’s not THE owncloud-app but just AN owncloud app by a 3rd-party-dev. everyone needs to decide themself on how and if to trust them.

Thats right, but it works.
I don’t understand, why the original Nextcloud-App don’t work for years …
(I can’t speak English very well, sorry)

… the original Nextcloud-App don’t work (ds-lite, ipv6). I have to use this App and this one works fine.