NextCloud app IOS problem with OnlyOffice

I upgraded onlyoffice to version 4.1.4 and the Community Document Server to version 0.1.5 and now it doesn’t open any more documents on my phone, I have an Iphone, it simply doesn’t load anything, via a browser on the computer it’s opening normally, the connection is ssl. Access via, in the onlyoffice I put this same address.

And now the magic question:
Which app version are you using?

NextCloud fo iOS
Nextcloud server 18.0.0

The next iOS release should fix your issue.
My Testflight ( version looks good.

I just upgraded to IOS 13.3.1 and the same problem continues

The next app release, not iOS. Sorry.

I understand it, in the next version of the nextcloud app will this be fixed?


That would be the beta right? That the version I have is 2.25.5, but thanks for the help, I will wait to see when it will be released