Nextcloud app & firewall (nginx setup)

We install Nextcloud on a nginx server with other among things psad to protect our server against ddos attack.

Our users are using the nextcloud app (for Linux windos and android). With the standard synchronisation, many users are seen as ddos attackers due to too much get requests. A work around consist to had such users in the white list but due to their Internet provider some users change regularly theirs ip adress, in such case the white list is not a solution and in any case for me it demonstrate a bad configuration which is certainly too restrictive.

I am a novice and certainly we use a wrong configuration either for nextcloud or for psad or both. Have somebody such experience and found a “solution” ?

Any help would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English.

You’ll want to ask the nginx community for assistance with how to setup your reverse proxy. Feel free to share the link here.