Nextcloud app doesn't open documents ("Can't open this document")


I have Netxcloud 3.23.0 and Google Docs on my Android phone. When I tap a .docx file in Nextcloud I get “Can’t open this document. This file isn’t available offline. Make file ‘available offline’ in the file’s options menu”.

There is an options menu available next to the file (the three dots) but there is no “make available offline”, only “Add to favorites”, “Detail”, “Rename”, and so on. I can tap “Export” there, go to the notifications, expand the Nextcloud notification, “Locate folder”, select “Files by Google” and the document opens. That’s a kind of a hassle.

I would expect the document to open in “Google Docs” as it has the .docx extension and .docx is linked with Google Docs by default.

Do I need to configure something for that to work?