Nextcloud App doesn´t open on Mac

Hello for the first time, I´m new here. I have a problem with the app on mac, because I installed it, but I connected it with the wrong account. Tried to open the app on mac for change the settings, but it doesn´t open. Nothing happend. I tried to deinstall the app and install it new, but I get the massage that the app can´t deinstall, because its open. But I don´t see anything, not in the task manager too. The help-forum here has one tip, I don´t understand them (Mac Desktop-Client öffnet sich nicht and I´m not a programmer. Don´t now where to do this and if its the correct solve for my problem. Can the community help me?
Best regards, Hazimauzi

You should see an icon in the top bar of your screen after starting the app. If you click it you get a menu where you can edit your settings, including the connected accounts. In my setup the icon is a circle with two vertical bars as I don’t currently have any synced folders configured.

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Great, this was the solution. I was a bit confused, because its an different place to the Windows-Laptop. But now I have it. Thank you!!! Best regards, Heike