Nextcloud app Docker entrypoint script improved! code review needed

I鈥檓 looking for code review and testing help with Use flock for the upgrade lock by remram44 路 Pull Request #1905 路 nextcloud/docker 路 GitHub . Anyone able to assist? I think it would be great to get this patch in for more resilient upgrades, especially for folks that run multiple Nextcloud app Docker containers.


This is where we need the most help.

The changes are all in Bash script. It looks like many files are changed, but really it is just one file: The changes in that file are propagated to all others.


To test requires some familiarity with Docker. The basic test steps are in Add `NEXTCLOUD_INIT_LOCK` to enable shared html volume update by skjnldsv 路 Pull Request #1760 路 nextcloud/docker 路 GitHub , they just need slight adjustment because the version is 25 and the NEXTCLOUD_INIT_LOCK environment variable is now gone, so that can be left out. I鈥檒l update the test procedure if I can make time for that.

Thanks! -Adam

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