Nextcloud app development - the application code is cached and not updating

Hello everyone,
I’m new to nextcloud so excuse me if I misunderstood anything

I was participating in a project for my client on the freelancer site and they asked me to add some features to their nextcloud instance so I started developing an app for the feature and everything was going smoothly.
They give me ssh credentials to log in to their server so, I generated an app worked on it and uploaded it to
and then when I go to apps, I can see the app and also I can enable and it works fine
but whenever I push new code and recopy the code to the above path, it doesn’t reflect the new code
so sometimes I’ve to delete the app dir from current, 11… and all dirs and re-upload it to reflect the new change and it’s becoming really painful.
Is there any way to tell nextcloud not to cache app code
is there a better way to work with remote nextcloud app development including code push and stuff???