Nextcloud app consuming disk space on IPhone during upload

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I have a problem when I am uploading my pictures from my IPhone to the Nextcloud server. The problem is that while is uploading the pictures is using space on my Iphone and it gets out of space. is there anyway to inactive that? For not using space on my Iphone


I just changed the category and the headline a bit. This will hopefully help the right people to find your issue and help.

Thank you man!

I don´t think that you can keep the Nextcloud app from using the space on your iPhone before the sync is done. The app has to copy the pics from the photos folder to the nextcloud data folder and then sync them to your server. But after that when you swipe on the pic in your nextcloud app to the left under “delete” there is a “remove from cache” option freeing your memory.
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Thank you for you answer…
But that becomes in a issue or a problem if my cellphone does not have the sufficient memory to do that. Is there anyway to instead of copy my pictures to the nextcloud app, copy the pictures direct from my iphone to the server?