Nextcloud app + calendar + editing docx

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2): 3.9.0
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 17.04): android

The issue you are facing:

Hello, do you know if there is the possibily to consult/edit the calendar/agenda in the nextclous’s app on android ?

No that’s not possible . You have to install the DAVx5 app to sync calendar/calendar/task information with your device.

Ok…but this service is not free…
When using a classic calendar app , we can sync for free with microsoft or google account.
Why does nextcloud doesnt develop it for free ?

I can via my website browser be connected with nextclood, and i have the possibily to have acces at my calendar and edit it. I dont understand the difference between have acess for free on a web browser and pay using an app … if you can tell me the logik ?

First of all, development of Nextcloud and/or DAVx5 need to be financed somehow and 3,99 EUR/once off for a valuable app is worse it. Many people spend more than that for a box of cigarettes per day! Additionally you’re wrong with the assumption that Microsoft and Google are providing their apps for free, you trade-in your private data and that’s the way they earn many with their services :wink:
And finally you 're wrong with the assumption that the DAVx5 app cannot be downloaded for free. You can find an official releases on F-droid, although I personally would vote to buy the app to honor the work of the developers.

Your reponse is 200% correct. You have confirmed my opinion too.
So, to use the fonctionnality and the synchronisation Davx5, i have to install in addition a software to consult my calendar ?

You can use the default apps for contacts and calendars, only for task you require an additiona all like OpenTasks.

Ok thank you j ed